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My parents and I are planning to go to Charleston in May to celebrate their 30th anniversary. We've been looking forward to this for months but all of a sudden, a lot of drama has popped up that made me seriously reconsider going.

1. My mother told me one day that after Dad paid a guy he worked with to pull down our old shed and put up a new one, there was going to be about $300 and she was thinking about using it to buy vacation clothes. I teased her saying that she could probably buy enough summer clothes for herself for $300. She told me, she was thinking that we would use the money to buy ALL of us summer clothes. I had been planning to buy my summer clothes online but held off because Mom and Dad said they'd do it. Well, last week I bring it up to my dad and he throws a fit saying that since I'm working (though I had my job at the time of the first conversation) they expected me to buy my own clothes. That was NOT how it was put to me and I WAS working when Mom told me. Even if I wasn't working, I earn money from cleaning our church and could've had my stuff in March if she hadn't said something. I was so hurt and pissed I didn't know what to do.

2. My 10 y/o car has been dying a slow death the past few years. I don't drive a lot, but 2010, the starter went, we got it fixed, then Spring 2011, the thermostat goes out and because Summer 2011 was so stinking hot, I was afraid to drive it anywhere and we could afford to get the thermostat fixed. So, finally the car's engine began going yesterday and I decided to donate it to Goodwill. Well, Mom and Dad threw a fit about that, even though they were bitching about me not driving it enough, and it turned into a huge fight with them yelling at me and throwing everything in my face, including the clothes thing. It was on the tip of my tongue to yell that THEY offered to buy the clothes and I had already started working then. If the clothes was because I didn't have a job, they should've told me that and I would've bought the clothes myself and spared us all the drama.

Things are better today, but last night, I almost told them to just leave me at home and go to Charleston by themselves because I didn't want to be stuck with them in a hotel room for a solid week if this was what I would have to put up with.
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