May. 19th, 2012

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Okay, this came about because I saw an ad for a H/C comment fic meme, but it was only for Dean, which hardly seems fair to me. What about Sam? He's stuck trying to stop the remaining Leviathan alone and doesn't know how to help his brother. Dean is stuck in Purgatory and worrying about his brother.

So, this meme is for both boys. Reunion!Fics, fics about what monsters Dean runs into in Purgatory, maybe fics where he finds their parents or runs into Bobby or whatever you want, but it needs to be about the fallout from the finale last night. Have fun, any question, PM me. Please respect other people's prompts, no flaming or bashing, lovers of both boys welcome.

Master Post

Delusional/Hallucinating Sam by [ profile] queerly_it_is An alone Sam is never a good thing, and Sam uses his mental...issues to cope with things. I'm thinking the hallucinations might show up again hardcore, just so he has someone to talk to again.

A world of bonus points if Michael is one of them.

Hyperventilate by[ profile] verucasalt123 I would love something where Sam freaks out and hyperventilates once he realizes he really is all alone - and that he has no idea where's Dean, where's Castiel, that he has no one to go to...

I just want sad, desperate Sam not knowing what to do, thank you

Essence by [ profile] rokhal Crowley gives the boys his blood while telling them it might not be his. He also specifically tells them not to trust him. Yet, there's no sign that the bone/blood weapon will even work until it does. No sign, at least on screen.

Sam *knows* that the vial contains Crowley's blood. How? He can smell it. All that demon blood drinking before and with Lucifer. It's changed Sam. Write the missing scene where Sam reveals this to Dean.

Untitled by [ profile] dontknowmyname Sam can hear Dean's voice in his head, like he's still there
(sorta like Lucifer, but he's talking back and it's keeping him sane

Like, what would Dean say to make me feel better, what's the humor in this situation.

even making a mental note not to - douche up the car- this time

He snaps one day, thinking this is the one time that Dean isn't coming back , maybe Gabrile was right... But should he really let go?

(Gen please)

An Unlikely Partnership by [ profile] mollrach13 Sam is not dealing with being alone well. He worries himself into an epic case of the flu (or other illness/condition or your choice). For some reason, it is in Crowley's best interests to take care of him. He does so grudgingly and with much complaint.

Basically: Crowley taking care of sick!Sam.


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