Nov. 23rd, 2012

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This year I turned 30. Yeah, it's not as big a deal now to be 30 and single as it used to be, but it was still pretty depressing. Thanksgiving with my family was depressing because one of my uncles is in jail and it's cause a bit of a rift in the family, plus I was sick with a migraine after busting my ass to get the house and the food ready for Thanksgiving. My mom commented that the only thing she had to cook Thanksgiving was the potatoes. I prepped and cooked the turkey, cooked the chicken and noodles and baked a pie. I don't know what's going to happen next year with our family. Hopefully, things will be better, I'm taking it one day at a time.

I've been a Christian my whole life, but over the last several years, I've stopped going to church. I first thought it was because I'd suddenly become an athiest or an agnostic, but now I think it's because I've fallen out with the church I've been attending my whole life. I'm a Libera, I believe in science, Evolution, climate change and in diversity, the church I go to is very conservative and I became increasingly angry and frustrated with the church's insistance on trying to make American History and science fit into their view of the world, so I'm going to find another church that I feel comfortable with and I'm going to get back to my faith and hopefully open my life up to meeting new people.

I've decided to start making things for Project Linus. I don't have children(though I'm hopeful) and other than a few ladies my mom works with, no friends who are have children(I'm hopeful that will change too), but I love making things that make people happy and giving a blanket to a child who needs it will help.


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