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Birthdate:Sep 20
Location:Indiana, United States of America
I am a 27 y/o female from Indianapolis.

1. The stories shown here are a mix of het stories and slash. Slash is a story featuring a romantic/sexual relationship between two individuals of the same sex. If you are someone who finds that sort of thing offensive for whatever reason or are underage in your country of residence, please don't read those. I will put up warnings if I feel there is a need, so pay attention.

2. I like writing stories that have kink or unusual sexual practices in them. If you have a problem with that sort of thing, do not read.

3. I DO NOT AND WILL NOT TOLERATE FLAMES!! I have worked very hard on these stories and will try to put up sufficient warnings if I feel there is a need for them, and there often is. If you read these warnings and read the story and are offended, that is your problem not mine. If you have constructive criticism or questions about continuity, please let me know, I try to reply to every comment I get, but bashing a story will not be tolerated and you will not like the reply you get.

Despite how it may sound, I am not an intolerably mean bitch. I am actually a very nice person and I try to write positive responses to the things I read and do not think it's too much to ask that people do the same for me.

Also, I get bored quite easily and will change this journal from time to time i.e: Title, names of pages, whatever. If you think you've gone to the wrong one just check the name, if you're looking for kate_mct, you're in the right area.

Now that that's said and if you still want to read, grab a flashlight and enter brave traveler.

May 24, 2009. This journal is no longer Friends Locked since a lot of the stories I write are public but please observe the rules listed above. Thank you.

Much thanks to 2ded_4dreaming for the layout!

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anything with print, cath/gil, cath/nick, classic rock, country music, crocheting, csi, csi:ny, csimiami, danny/lindsay, danny/lindsay/flack, ecw, eric/ryan, fantasy, gil/greg, gil/lady heather, greg/brass, greg/sofia, harry/ron/hermione, historical, horatio/marisol, horatio/ryan, horatio/ryan/eric, john cena, knitting, lindsay/mac, mac/lindsay, mac/peyton, mac/stella, musicals, nick/greg, playing piano, reading, rent, ryan/calleigh, ryan/natalia, shawn michaels, supernatural, sylum clan, warrick/greg, wrestling, writing, wwe
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