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Title: Fertile Maintenance
Author: Paige
Fandom: SPN RPS
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: FRAO/NC-17
Category: Slash, Angst, Schmoop
Warning: D/s hints, Knotting, Alpha/Omega, Mpreg, Bottom!Jared, Top!Jensen
Summary: Jared hates how his body changes during pregnancy, Jensen convinces him that he’s still beautiful.
Feedback: No flames, flying objects or flaming flying objects please
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, I’m just playing with them, don’t sue me.
Author’s Note: This came from a prompt and I cannot remember where it came from. If you recognize this prompt, please point me in the right direction so I can give it to the OP.
Prompt: Jared hates how his body changes during pregnancy. Jensen loves it.


Jared stared at his barely noticeable baby bump with a frown. Whoever said Fertiles were at their most beautiful when gravid was a damn liar. It was obviously made up to make Fertiles more willing to let themselves carry some asshole’s litter! He was barely into his second trimester and he’d never felt less beautiful. His complexion was more out of control than it had been when he was in puberty, his hair wouldn’t do anything he wanted and he was gaining weight like crazy. He wasn’t beautiful, he was big as a house!

This was all Jensen’s fault. If his mate and alpha hadn’t been so damn hot and dominating when Jared went into heat unexpectedly, he wouldn’t be in this mess. Jared’s ass twitched at the memory of Jensen shoving him down across the hood of one of the Impalas used in the show and taking him over and over until Jared hadn’t know which way was up. Now he was pregnant and fat and ugly.


Behind him, Jensen stood in the doorway, watching his mate. He was a firm believer that a gravid Fertile was the most beautiful thing in the world. Jared had always been beautiful, but now, glowingly gravid with Jensen’s litter, he was even more beautiful. It was all Jensen could do to not have his hands on Jared and his belly at all times and fuck his ass whenever they had a free moment.

Watching Jared’s expression, Jensen wondered if maybe he should be doing just that, touching his mate at the very least. A Fertile’s first time was always the hardest. A Fertile’s body went through a lot of changes during a litter and their hormones were all over the place. Most books written for Alphas on how to help their mate during a litter, especially the first one, said that the Fertile should be touched and kissed as often as possible in order to make them feel loved and appreciated for their service to their Alpha, but Jared was such an atypical Fertile being tall, muscular, loud and macho that Jensen had been unsure as to whether he would want to be treated that way.

Now, looking at his mate’s forlorn expression in the mirror, Jensen saw the folly of his inaction. Jared was showing all the signs of a Fertile in need of his mate’s assurances.

He stepped up to his mate and wrapped his arms around his mate and began kissing Jared’s neck, just behind his ear, a major hot spot.

As expected, Jared moaned and sank back against his mate. Jensen kept up the kisses and began to focus on the claiming mark he’d had given Jared. Marks were always very erotic for Fertiles, it was a reminder of their place and how an Alpha had taken them and made them submit.

Jared whined and instinctively began to rub against his mate, but Jensen’s hands tightened around his hips and stilled him before refocusing his efforts on the mark.

Jared moaned and whimpered at his mate’s gentle dominance. He wanted more but instinctively knew that his Alpha wouldn’t allow it so he relaxed into his mate’s arms, instinctively slipping into the submissive mindset where all that mattered was pleasing the Alpha who’d claimed him.

Jensen grinned ferally as he sensed his mate’s submission. Now he could work on improving Jared’s perception of himself.

Moving around to Jared’s front, he kissed his mate long and rough, pouring every drop of his Alphaness into the kiss before walking Jared back into their bed and pushing him down and guiding his arms over his head to the cuffs that were always fastened to the headboard.

Jared moaned as the cuffs locked around his wrists. They’d been installed almost immediately after Jensen had claimed him because Jared had trouble keeping hold of the headboard when they were in the throes of passion and this made it easier for him to obey his Alpha.

“So fucking beautiful, Jay,” Jensen growled kissing down Jared’s throat. “Beautiful and full of my pups. I shoulda done this sooner, didn’t think you’d want to be treated like a regular Fertile, but now I know this is exactly what you need, isn’t it?”

Jared groaned and nodded, too far gone to know what ‘this’ was. All he cared about was the pleasure he heard in his Alpha’s voice.

Jensen stripped off the loose pants that Jared wore as a sign of his Fertile status, lubed up his cock since he knew that Jared wouldn’t be able to lubricate himself properly because he was gravid, and pushed his cock in.

Jared howled and bucked as his ass was filled. Jensen let him adjust briefly before taking him roughly, nailing his prostate, whispering words of love.

Jared could do nothing but moan as his Alpha used his body. The sub in him purred at the feeling of being used and reminded of his place.

Jensen fucked his mate ruthlessly, savoring the soft sighs and whimpers he made as Jensen reminded him of his place. Finally, he wrapped a hand around Jared’s cock, “Cum for me, Fertile, show your Alpha your submission.”

Jared howled and came so hard, he nearly threw Jensen off. His orgasm seemed to last forever until he finally slumped onto the bed, seemingly unconscious.

Jensen kept fucking into his mate’s limp body, he wouldn’t be able to knot Jared because of his pregnancy but he still came in his mate, marking him again. He checked Jared’s pulse and once he was satisfied that Jared was alright, he got up and went into the bathroom to get a washcloth. He cleaned himself and then returned to the bedroom. He uncuffed Jared and gently washed him down with the cloth. Jared stirred and moaned softly, but it was clear that Jared was out for the count.

Jensen smiled and covered his mate with a warm blanket and crept out to get dinner started. Being gravid was hard work and as an Alpha it was his job to make sure that his precious Fertile got his rest and ate properly and it was a job he relished.

The End
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