Sep. 18th, 2020

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Due to a troll on [ profile] spn_hardcorethreatening to report anyone who posts on that comm and trying to friend members in order to track them and possibly report them, I've decided to lock my posts, at least the fic ones. This isn't something I decided to do on the spur of the moment, but I refuse to have some asshole try to get me in trouble because of their own narrow-mindedness. So please comment here to be friended. I'll check your journal and friend you.

Here's the criteria for being friended.

1. Your journal cannot be brand new and it needs to have some entries in it. Doesn't have to be fic, it can be entries about you, what's going on in your life, what's going on in school, whatever, you just have to have some entries to tell me what sort of person you are.

2. You need to have some friends. They don't necessarily have to be people I recognize (though that helps), but journals with no friends except for the default ones that come with joining LJ will not get you friended.

3. You need to be a member of a comm I'm in.

4. You must be over 18.

The reason for the criteria is that trolls often set up brand new accounts with no entries for the sole purpose of joining comms and starting trouble and I want to avoid that. The over 18 is because some of these stories, especially my non-SPN ones can be quite graphic and/or kinky and I don't want underage eyes seeing them. I will check journals before friending.

If anyone has a Friends Only Banner up for use, let me know.


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