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I realized that I've never really introduced myself. I've had this journal for a few years but never felt the urge to post an 'About Me' post, but since I've got a lot of friends and people reading my stuff, I'd better let you get to know me.

My name is Paige, I am 27 years old. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana with my parents and my spoiled cat Mercury. I've been writing since I was ten but have only been writing fanfic for about three and a half years. I enjoy writing, reading, playing piano, knitting and crocheting. I'm a big history buff. My favorite subjects are British History, American History and Religious History and I'm also getting interested in Military History.

I'm a fairly nice person but I do tend to fly off the handle about things when something pisses me off. Things I tend to rant about: politics, religion, stupidity (big rant trigger) and people in general (another big rant trigger).

I'm a strict carnivore and I'm fairly overweight but I'm looking into getting a bike to try and lose some weight.
Now, about my stories. I am currently mainly writing about Supernatural and Real Person Fic. I have written a series involving male-pregnancy, if that thing squicks you, do us both a favor and don't read it. If any of my stories trigger a squick, don't read them. I suffer fools badly and reading a story that you know has things you don't like and then bitching at me because you didn't like it will not be tolerated.

That being said, I do appreciate constructive criticism which means telling me if I have an error or need to improve on something. It does NOT mean calling me names or blasting my work because you didn't read the warnings, whatever they may be. I do put warnings in my story headers so please read them before reading the story.

Again, I'm a fairly nice person and I try to follow the Golden Rule. Enjoy yourself and welcome to my journal.
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