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I have set up notifications for several LJ comms I'm part of so I don't have to scroll through a lot of stuff on my friends page, but I realized that I've received NO notifications from LJ and there have been several posts on the comms. Anyone else having this problem?
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This is a conversation between my mom and me after I read her this from

Me: I don't know, I knew some kids in high school that I'm pretty sure were doing something to get better grades from the teachers that wasn't extra credit.

Mom: I never did that. I refused to. For one, I didn't want to compromise my morals and for another...I don't like that.

*Long Pause*

Mom: You probably didn't want to hear that, did you?

Me: No, not really. *Scrambles for brain bleach*

Repeal Day

Sep. 21st, 2011 12:14 am
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Yesterday September 20, 2011 was my 29th birthday and I have to admit, I was feeling pretty crumby. I'm unemployed, unmarried, I haven't accomplished any of the goals I'd set for myself and my parents didn't have the money to take me out for my birthday, which is a family tradition (though I did get a chocolate cream pie). Then I turned on the tv and saw that America's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy which allowed LGBTQ men and women for being discharged for being gay, had FINALLY been repealed! I'm...well, I prefer to keep it open, and I fully support LGBTQ rights and this was the best birthday present I could have received. *Throws confetti*
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Snagged this from [ profile] cha 

10. I love to clean. My room is a mess, but I love to clean my parents' house and our church.

9. When I'm nervous or bored, I grab my boobs.

8. I almost never watch a feature film, I'd rather watch a documentary. Special features are what I look for when I buy a movie.

7. I love baseball. I'd rather watch baseball everyday than football, basketball, soccer (which I don't get anyway) or any other sport.

6. I have almost all of Laura Ingalls Wilder's "Little House' Series and all of the Harry Potter Series.

5. I fell in love with the character of Sam Winchester before I ever saw an episode of SPN because of fanfic.

4.  I believe that masturbation and realistic sex talk (telling them to use condoms rather than the abstinance only BS) should be a part of high school health curriculum.

3. I believe that Warner Bros. and MGM cartoons should be a part of history classes because they teach kids about popular culture in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

2. I wish I remembered my maternal grandfather, I was 7 when he died and 21 years later, I only remember a few things about him and it hurts my mom.

1. Sometimes I hate being smart.
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I will be the first person to say that I'm a huge British history and royalty buff. I have more books about British history than I have about American history and I love Prince William and Duchess Catherine! I think they're cute and a wonderful modern face for the monarchy. So I just about died laughing when I read a story about them visiting Skid Row in L.A. and dropping in on a pottery class for children and began helping and apparently William asked one of the kids if they'd ever seen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and when the child said no, said that it was a cartoon that was cooler than it sounded.

*ROFLMAO* He talked about TMNT!!! Just like most kids who were born in the 1980s, he was a fan of TMNT!!!!! That rules!!! *Is still laughing*
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Here's another picture of my cat Mercuy, but this is the aftermath of his mischieviousness. The backstory is that my dad was playing with him earlier and got him wound up and Merc had a lot of energy to burn off and was running around the downstairs. He decided to jump on his cat tree, but my mother's curtains were partially hanging over the tree so that the panels wouldn't be in Mercury's way when he wanted to look out. He hit the tree and the curtains so hard that the curtains were knocked off the wall and after he saw his mess, he laid down in the middle of the carnage.

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I rearranged our living room Sunday so that it wasn't so crowded and I ended up moving our sofa, which made Mercury mad because when the sofa was in front of the window, he could lay on top of it and watch the birds in the front yard. So I moved the tv and the chair so that the chair was in front of the window so he could sit up there but he just lays on the floor in front of the chair! I busted my butt moving that chair, which is NOT easy and he won't lay on the thing. *Shakes head*
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I could not make this up if I tried. A mother and father in Rush Co, Indiana, which is about an hour+ drive from where I live found out that their twelve year old daughter was receiving sexual text messages from an adult man. So they saved all the messages and set up a time for the man to meet their daughter and then informed the police and the police showed up and set up a sting. The suspect showed up in horse and buggy! Turns out the suspect is AMISH!! Now I realize that some in the Amish community will use telephones as a necessity, but this guy had a cellphone with texting capability!

*Shakes head* My mother and I couldn't stop laughing, this ranks up there witht he Minnesota woman who stole a mink coat by hiding it in her underwear *shakes head some more*
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Dear Microsoft,

I realize that Bill Gates wants to make more money than God, but charging a customer $50 to try and figure why an update of YOUR software knocked out their internet is shitty customer service, especially when I can call a friend who's a computer whiz and she helped me for free!

No Love,

Customer who saved $50

Backstory: My computer came with Windows 7 Home, last night Windows told me that it had an update it needed to install. I installed the update, the computer restarted but when I went to get back on the internet, the computer wouldn't connect to my hompage. I got email notifications and my weather feature worked fine, but neither of my internet servers would work (I use Mozilla but keep IE as a backup). I spent an hour on the phone with my cable company that provides the internet before the woman concluded that the problem was the computer, not the internet. I got on the desktop and went to Windows, hoping for some help and found out that since I didn't  have a product key for my Windows software, since it came standard on my computer, they wanted to charge me $50 to figure out what had happened! So I called my mother's office and talked to the office manager who is a friend of mine and a computer whiz and she walked me through what I needed to do and how to deal with it in the future for nothing more than a conversation and getting to hear my cat (she loves cats but is VERY allergic to them).


Jun. 2nd, 2011 09:03 pm
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I just got a call from the class president of my senior high school class telling me that my TEN YEAR high school reunion is in October! *Panics* Oh my god, what am I going to do?! What am I gonna wear?! *Hyperventilates a little*
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So, my mother HATES mice, she won't even go near a dead one and we've been having a mouse problem due to Indiana's weather being even more insane than normal.

This morning, my dad wakes me up at 7:30 to tell me that our cat has caught another mouse  (this is the third one this year) and left it at the top of the stairs and wanted me to take care of it since my mother refused to come upstairs until it was gone.

Here's what proves my cat has a sick sense of humor: My mother hates mice and she's always the first one up on Sundays and because her eyesight is terrible, she always turns the hall light He left that dead mouse at the top of the stairs, right where she was bound to see it, then came in my room and stretched out on my bookshelf and took a nap.

*Shakes head*


May. 2nd, 2011 12:02 am
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In case no one has heard the news, Osama Bin Laden, the man responsible for organizing and masterminding the 9/11 attack in 2001 was killed by US troops in Pakistan. It was confirmed and Presiden Obama announced it fifteen minutes ago. This is justice, though delayed, for the 3000+ people who died on 9/11 and the thousands who have died in the ten years since fighting Al Queda in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Edit: Since I sense that some of my friends here don't approve of my use of the word 'Justice' to describe the death of Osama Bin Laden, I will clarify the entry above. I would have preferred that Bin Laden be given a trial here in America for his crimes against our country and for the 3000+ murders his operatives carried out on his orders 9.5 years ago. But I do think that Bin Laden needed to be stopped one way or another and if his death isn't justice, it is at least some measure of closure for the families that were touched by his actions both on 9/11 and in the wars we have fought to stop him and Al Queda.
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So, I stayed up all night to watch the now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge get married and it was TOTALLY worth being this tired!!! Katherine looked absolutely gorgeous, William and Harry looked handsome and dashing in their uniforms.Everyone looked good except for one of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's daughters who had the most hideous hat on her head. The whole wedding was so beautiful andit was so cool to see the inside of Westminster Abbey!

I'm going to watch the wedding again on BBC America to catch what I missed since I passed out after the actual marriage. I SO want to see the kiss!!
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Apparently LiveJournal is rewarding Paid Account holders for their loyalty during the DDoS attacks by extending their accounts by two weeks! So I don't have to renew until Memorial Day Weekend!! *Dances*
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I got a new cellphone yesterday, one that I actually wanted, rather than just settling for what I could afford at the time and it has a camera (my old one didn't) and I have web capability!! And in celebration of my spanky phone, I'd like for you all to meet my cat, Mercury! It's not a great picture, but I'm terribly proud of it!

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My mom got a big bonus from work yesterday, and came home saying she had a surprise: she'd bought three tickets to see Celtic Woman this Saturday!! They're good seats too, we're gonna be four rows back, center stage!!! WAY better than our seats last year which were in the nosebleed section!! Dad said we're gonna go out to dinner before we go and make a night of it!
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Butler is in the FINAL baby!!!!!!! Second year in a row. We'll play whoever wins between Connecticut and Kentucky!!!! *Dances* We are gonna WIN this year!!!
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Dear Mom,

A dead mouse is NOT a venamous snake. It will not attack you and your finger will not rot off for touching it, though how you could mistake it for a leaf is beyond me. All you had to do was get some paper towels, pick up the mouse and throw it in the trash. Screaming up the stairs like you'd set your hair on fire and not going into the kitchen until I'd come downstair and picked it up and cleaned up the blood is a little ridiculous.



Story: I'm sitting in my room, working at my computer, minding my own business when I hear my mother yelling. I first thought she'd won a tennis game on our Wii system, until she screamed again. When I asked what was wrong, she said that she'd found a dead mouse, courtesy of the cat, in the doorway between the front hallway and the kitchen, thought it was a leaf and went to pick it up and realized it was the aforementioned dead mouse. She literally stood in the foyer and would go into the kitchen until I stopped what I was doing, went downstairs, got rid of the mouse and cleaned up the little bit of blood I saw. All the while, she's going on about how she touched it like it was something lethal. *Facepalm*
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It's time to renew our tags and resistration here in Indiana and because my family's last name starts with a C, we've got to have our new stickers and registration by March 14, which is Monday and due to a rather large bill from the BMV ($600!!), we've been struggling to scrape the money together. So my parents decided that my mom would go to the BMV and pay for our tags, bring the stuff home and we'll be legal for another year. Except that Mom called me after she left the BMV to tell me that the BMV didn't give her our tags and registration, we just got three pieces of paper proving that we've paid for our tags if we get pulled over and our tags will be in in about two weeks!!! Apparently the BMV is too fucking stupid to have the stickers and equipment to print out the registration in their branches so people who come in to pay can get what they need and be on their way, because that would make sense and be helpful. So we have to wait for two weeks and pray that we don't get pulled over because of the fucking BMV!


PS: If anyone on my flist works for the BMV and is offended, I'm sorry but that seems to be the status quo here in Indiana for them to do absolutely nothing that would be of any help.
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Dear Charlie Sheen,

I don't know if anyone's handed you the memo, but the reason that 'Two and a Half Men' is on indefinite hiatus and may possibly be cancelled is because YOU went on a two month drug, alcohol and whore binge and refused to show up to work and then went on a national radio show and trashed your boss. Then you have the nerve to sue CBS and the producer to the show that prought you back in the spotlight and gave you a chance to show that you'd finally cleaned up your act and then demand that they give you a raise and say that they only way you'll come back is if they licked your feet?! I'm not sure if anyone's explained contracts to you but most contracts between an employer and an employee say that the employer can terminate the contract at any time and for any reason and you've given enough reasons for any employer to give you the boot. If that was the case, you'll be lucky to get a red cent from CBS and if anyone deserves to get any money from CBS right now, it's the cast and crew you've put out of work because of your ego and hypocracy. The thought of you saying that you overcame your drug problem with you mind is laughable at best, but the gall of you saying that anyone who relapses is weak is disgusting considering how often you've ben in and out of rehab.

Hope you enjoy flipping burgers, Charlie. After this, you'll be lucky to get any work at all in show business.

No Love,